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    A Porsche owner’s perfume experience

    One day, the owner of the Porsche decided to ask the beautiful woman he just met out for dinner, and… Hihihi ~

    At first he didn’t use pheromone perfume,The beauty cruelly refused his invitation

    So he took advantage of the beauty’s inattention,Secretly using a dating artifact fanle Pheromone perfume

    Smelling his pheromones, she changed her mind and accepted his invitation

    After dinner, male car owners finally get their wish with the beauty began a happy time ~

    Factors that contribute to excitement
    Promote the taste of excitement and release the primal desire

    May you be a heartthrob
    Fast attraction, get your goddess, get her to smell you, make sure it’s authentic, pheromone perfume is your passport to love

    About love
    Men love women It seems natural for women to love men, but it’s not that simple Scientists have found that attraction involves a series of chemical changes in the body. What role does the scent play?【Would it make us more attractive if we had more wonderful body odor or more effective delivery modes than our competitors?】In the game of love, are there alternatives to looks?

    The study found that
    Animals, plants, and humans are all divided into male and female, that is, the opposite sex. In primitive times, humans were also distinguished by smell, sight, touch, and hearing~ In terms of sexual arousal, smell plays a bigger role and can produce sexual arousal from the bodily functions~ Because men and women after sexual maturation, the smell will send out a kind of hormone, also called sexual maturity, suggested that heterosexual if smell the smell, will be more exciting, in modern words of life, all kinds of laundry detergent, the smell of cosmetics has grown to cover up the pheromones gas, and fanle perfume, it is to reinforce this charming fragrance.

    And Fanle Pheromone perfume, it is to this full of charm to enhance the fragrance! If flowers give off a sweet smell, bees and butterflies will naturally approach

    Fanle Pheromone perfume is worthy of your choice
    Every time of human body bath, wash away the natural body fragrance of sexy official of human body By spraying FanLE desire perfume, you can effectively supplement the natural fragrance lost in the bath, with a clean and refreshing touch, at the same time, the same to get the attention of many of the opposite sex

    Sex Perfume Master
    A good love begins with an encounter and inspires a deep inner charm

    Do you have the following questions
    Single for many years, no skills to flirt with younger girls, too shy to take the initiative, and love is not harmonious

    New tricks for picking up girls
    Others are unable to extricate themselves after using, not all perfume has this kind of effect Why does it work so well? Pheromone source liquid: High concentration pheromone source liquid is a kind of pheromone secreted by the human body and has volatile, it can make the sex through the role of smell and spread, affect emotion, Fanle desire perfume is 8 times more effective than similar products

    The excitement varies from scene to scene
    A busy person on a bus or subway will smell your fragrance and feel a little enchanted A noisy street, a street passed by, a smell to make him (she) turn your head to smile Quiet bedroom, spring night a moment, mi disorderly taste, stir stir deep feelings The bar of passion, you go wild and crazy together, release the primitive desire

    Floral extract
    A variety of floral extraction techniques to simulate the real body fragrance Date, attract flirtation perfume, fresh and sweet, pleasant fragrance, inexplicable to you have a good impression, let the other party have an active feeling of closeness