Ortho Medic(OM)- Matelas Dodoma® – Double Large (190×140×…)


Ortho-Medic Mattresses Made of a very high density of rebonded foam, Ortho-Medic mattresses are designed to provide your back the perfect support it needs to keep it strong and fit to face the rigours of the fast paced life of today’s world. Also helps provide relief to those suffering from back problems. A mattress that takes special care of your spine.

Length / Uburebure (cm), Width / Ubugari (cm), Thickness / Umubyimba (cm)
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Product Description

Mattresses and bedding products are a long-term investment into your and your family’s life and well-being. Research shows that most people spend one-third of their lives in bed, more than the time spent in other places such as cars, offices etc.

Remember to treat your mattress purchase like an investment that will last you many years.

Additional Information

Length / Uburebure (cm)


Width / Ubugari (cm)


Thickness / Umubyimba (cm)

15, 20, 25


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